The Hedo Concept

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”~ St. Augustine
The Western philosopher believed that travelling enables one to experience life in different corners of the world and enjoy all the beautiful sceneries. Travelling is like reading. You have the chance to read different stories in the process. Your stay with Hedo Hotel, we wish, would also form an unforgettable chapter in the book.


For this chapter, we do not offer luxurious food. What we provide are fresh fruits, local snack foods and a variety of drinks. We hope that this delightful food experience will add beautiful colors to the chapter of your journey.
Rather than a magnificently decorated room, we provide a tidy space and comfortable bedding to guarantee you a relaxing and sweet sleep.
We do not boast elegant bars and splendid swimming pools, but the cozy, woody space is surely relaxing and refreshing. It is a good place for you to recollect the good memories you had in the journey. Our Eats and Drinks Corner, furthermore, offers round-the-clock service when you feel thirsty or hungry.
You may wish to add a lot more to this chapter. Do come and experience the hospitality of Hedo, and the passionate service of our staff. Should you need any assistance in planning your journey, we will also try our best to serve you.